JungleMail 365 | Understanding bounces

In JungleMail 365 you can see when an email isn't delivered to one or more of your recipients. A bounce occurs when an email is rejected by the server you recipient's email address is registered to. In this tutorial you will learn how bounces work.

When an email is rejected by a recipient's email server, it's called a bounce. There are two categories of email bounces:

  • Hard bounces -  might occur because the recipient doesn't exist;
  • Soft bounces - might occur because the recipient's inbox is full.

In JungleMail 365 you can found bounced email addresses in the Rejection List. This list is global for all Site Collections.

After a bounce (delivery failure) or a spam complaint occurred, the email address in question is added to the Rejection List. You can open the Rejection List by clicking Settings in the top right corner and clicking Blocked Emails.

Note: Bounces only work when using JungleMail 365's built-in mail server.

Recipients in the Rejection List will never receive emails from JungleMail 365. Not even if they are included in your selected recipients list. Rejected email addresses will be filtered out.

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