JungleDocs 365 | Start using the app

Now that you have installed JungleDocs 365 on your SharePoint site you can start using the add in. In this tutorial you will learn how to start working with JungleDocs 365 immediately.

1. Open the SharePoint Library

To begin, open the already existing SharePoint Online library in which you want to start creating documents with JungleDocs 365. Now launch JungleDocs from the ribbon:

By default it will show library content types as a JungleDocs templates you can create:

2. Adding JungleDocs 365' templates

Press "+ New Template" to add and configure a new one and to use that page to create or modify JungleDocs 365 Templates Settings. 

Here you will have the following options:

  • select whether a document will be saved to the library or downloaded:
  • select or modify a document template, use a content type template or insert a custom template:
  • modify the display name of a template (rule) shown in JungleDocs Templates:
  • specify a library where Small Parts are stored, if you plan to merge multiple documents using this rule:
  • enable file naming and specify the formula for automated naming:
  • specify whether to remove content controls (placeholders) after the document's generation. If specified to remove, filled data will remain in the generated document. However, this document will become non updatable:

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