JungleDocs | GetUniqueItems function

In JungleDocs you can use the GetUniqeItems function to return items to you. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this.

<strong>GetUniqueItems(recordSet)</strong> - returns unique items by item ID.
<strong>GetUniqueItems(recordSet; fieldName) - returns unique items by fieldName field value.

  • recordSet – any function that returns a set of items (for example GetView, FindItems, ReportItems);
  • fieldName – Column name to check.


GetUniqueItems(GetView("Contacts"; "AllItems"):Company) - get unique items by "Company" lookup field values form "Contacts" list's "AllItems" view .

GetUniqueItems(ReportItems; "FullName") - get unique items by "FullName" field in current list.

GetUniqueItems(ReportItems:Company) - get unique items in lookup list through "Company" lookup field.

GetUniqueItems(ReportItems:Company; "Email") - get unique items by "Email" field values in lookup list through "Company" lookup field.

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