JungleDocs | Using the 'Execute Base Rule' workflow action

With JungleDocs you can easily use workflows to create new documents. The Workflow activates JungleDocs rules for you. In this tutorial you will learn how to use this feature.

Note: If you haven't enabled the of these workflows yet, you can find out here how to do this first.

With JungleDocs you can use workflows to create new documents by executing JungleDocs rules:

The execute Base Rule activity has the following input parameters:

  • Rule name – name of JungleDocs base rule to execute;
  • List URL – list URL, where previously specified base rule exists. List URL may be full or site relative, for example:
  • Small Parts to include - comma or semicolon separated small part titles;

The Ouput parameters are:

  • ID – ID of the new document;
  • URL – URL of the new document.

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