JungleBell | Uninstall

JungleBell can be removed by either running the setup program downloaded from EnovaPoint, or manually, by deactivating and removing the solution. In this tutorial you will learn how to uninstall JungleBell.

Remove using the installer provided by EnovaPoint

  1. Copy the installer on the SharePoint server running the Central Administration service. If you haven't, you can always download the latest installer from here.
  2. The installation account must have at least the following permissions:
    - Member of the local server Administrators group (to install application files);
    - Member of the SharePoint Farm Administrators group (to deploy solutions to the farm);
    - SharePoint site collection administrator (to activate the features after installation).
  3. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC) before installation on every server running it in your SharePoint farm. You can use the iisreset /stop /noforce and iisreset /start command line commands. This will ensure that no system files that need to be updated are locked, which could cause the installation to fail.
  4. Launch JungleBell Installer from SharePoint Server running Central Administration Service. The product will be automatically removed from all other SharePoint Farm servers by the SharePoint Timer service.
    Note: Uninstallation may cause 2-5 minutes of downtime.
  5. Wait for installer to check if JungleBell can be installed from the current machine.
  6. Wait for installer to check if JungleBell is already installed.
  7. Choose Remove option.

  8. Wait for the setup to complete.
  9. Make sure there were no errors and close the installer.

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