JungleBell | Combining alerts

When you have multiple events for which you have set an alert happening on the same day, you will receive a separate email for each one of the events. However, you can combine the alerts to clean up your schedule and inbox.

In a situation where you have set an alert for events on your calendar, you will receive a separate email for each event. In the example in the image below, you would receive three separate emails on Tuesday, June 5th.

You can combine your alerts, and make sure you only receive one email. To do this:

1. Open your existing alert or create a new one if you haven’t created one before. Configure your alert and move on to the second step.

2. Add a table to your Alert’s template. For this example, we will add a table with three columns and two rows: Start Time; End Time; Title. In the second row add one character to each cell so that you can easily select the cells. 

A quick way of selecting all cells in a row is by placing your cursor in the first one and clicking tr in the bottom menu. After you have done that, click Repeater.

3A new window will have opened. Select Combine section.

4. Finally, in the SAVE/SCHEDULE tab, make sure to check the Combine alerts box at the bottom of the options menu.

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