JungleBell | API

It is possible to integrate JungleBell into your custom solutions. In this tutorial you will learn how to do this.

A JungleBell alerts is a SharePoint list item stored in JungleBell Alerts list on a root site. To create new alert in programming yourself, you just need to create a new item in JungleBell Alerts list.

To find out what kind of parameters to set when creating an alert item:

  1. Create a test JungleBell Alert using JungleBell interface.
  2. Take note of all parameters that were set in the JungleBell Alerts list item.
  3. Create your custom solution or workflow that sets all of the parameters programmatically.

Please make sure JungleBell solution is installed and “EnovaPoint JungleBell Core” feature is activated on current site collection before creating or changing alerts.

The alert provisioning code will run after you create a new item in JungleBell Alerts list.

You will find a list of all custom columns that JungleBell uses in JungleBell list  here.

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