JungleMail for Office 365 | Adding an unsubscribe link

Using JungleMail 365's features you can make it easy for your recipients to unsubscribe from your emails. In this tutorial you will learn how to add an unsubscribe link to your newsletters using JungleMail 365.

How to insert an unsubscribe link

1. Run JungleMail 365 and open an existing email template, or start by creating a new one.

2. Select the text block in which you would like to insert the Unsubscribe link. Now select Columns & Links in the configuration panel above the text field. A window will now pop up. You will be able to select to insert a unsubscribe link here.

How it works

This link will be customized for every recipient that JungleMail sends an email to.

When a recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, his email address is saved to the "Unsubscribe list" and this recipient will no longer receive emails from JungleMail 365 campaigns on this site collection.

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