JungleMail for Office 365 | Can I set a character limit while using mail merge?

Yes.  You are able to set a character limit while using mail merge in JungleMail 365.

If you are using mail merge in JungleMail 365, and you want to limit the number of characters in your email body or subject field, there are three ways you can use for this.

Option 1: Dynamic placeholder

Simply navigate to the text block you are trying to set the character limit for and select the column button. Now select the Crop text to approximate characters length without word cut-off option.

Option 2: SubString

{SubString([Column]; 0; 25)} - 0 here is the starting point and 25 is the number of characters. This function limits the number of characters being displayed.


The [Notes] column contains the text "testing JM character limits with functions SubString and LimitText"

Result when using SubString:

Option 3: LimitText

{LimitText([Column]; 25)} - 25 here is the number of characters. This function will crop the text to approximately match the character length given by you, without word cut-off.


Result when using LimitText

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