JungleBell | Configure an Alert Manager's view

Having a simple, clear cut overview of your Alerts can save you a lot of time. We know that once you have  created all your alerts, it can be a hassle to navigate through the long lists of all of them. With the release of JungleBell 2.5 you can easily create and change the Alert Manager's list scope. In this way you can select what you see and when you will see it. In this tuotrial you will learn how to manage the Alerts Manger scope.

The Alerts Manager scope in JungleBell is a useful tool to have a clean view of all of your alerts. Let's get started.

Managing JungleBell Alerts Manager scope 

1. Go to Site settings on your root site.

2. Under the Site Collection Administration header select EnovaPoint JungleBell settings.

3. Scroll down. In the Alerts manager list scope field you can control what is shown in your Alerts Manager list. Choose the option that most suits your needs and click Save:

Managing the default view in Alerts Manager

Your JungleBell alerts are stored in the JungleBell Alerts list located on the top-level site in the current site collection. All SharePoint list views configured on that list are also available in the drop down by view in your Alerts Manager's Filter. The default view in JungleBell Alerts list, and in Alerts Manager, is "All Items". However, this can easily be changed to your needs.

1. Open JungleBell from the ribbon.

2. Select the Alerts Manager tab.

3. Here you can choose a view to filter by. You can create a new view or edit an existing view for showing your alerts.

4. If you want to change the default view shown in Alert Manager, or limit the amount of items shown in a particular view, select Edit for the view you want to change. Now configure that view as your standard SharePoint list view.

Check "Make this the default view" to make a particular view (for example "My Alerts") the default view:

5. To manage the amount of items you want to be displayed in your view, scroll down and expand the Item Limit section. Now enter the number of Alerts you want to be displayed.

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