JungleDocs for Office 365 | How to merge several PowerPoint files into one?

The merging of several PowerPoint files into one is very similar to  Word document merging using Small Parts

To start you should create a library for your PowerPoint Small Parts.

Now create folders in this library and copy the slides into the folders according to the several topics. We use one PowerPoint slide per file, but this is just a recommendation.   

Configuring a PowerPoint template

Modify the main PowerPoint document template to point to the Small Parts folders. To do that, enter a text such as    Small Part: FolderName into the slide you are creating and reference to a particular Small Part slides folder. 

For example: Small Part: Introduction

Note: Unlike in Word, there are no content controls in PowerPoint. So you simply write the text in a slide. Use one slide for one Small Part Folder. 

Note: You should only use the Title text box (Click to add title) in the PowerPoint template for your Small Parts configuration:

Configuring a JungleDocs 365 rule

To start create a library for the storage of the generated presentations, add the Content type with the configured template and all of the required columns.

In this library, launch JungleDocs 365 from the ribbon. In the Create section you will automatically see all the Templates (rules) based on the library content types.

Click "Edit" to edit the rule settings. In this example it is "Presentation":

Provide the location where your Small Parts are located. Click Browse to navigate to the correct library:

Edit other rule settings if needed.

Once the Small Parts library is defined the JungleDocs Template's icon will say so:

You can also create a new Template rule with different settings or with another template. Simply press "New Template":

You are all set.

Now you can start assembling your presentations by clicking on the JungleDocs Template that you just created or edited. Simply drag and drop the Small Parts you want to include in the template.

You should see something similar to the image below:

In the Content type template you can have one slide pointing to one Small Part folder in your Small Parts library. You will be able to include a lot of documents from that folder using drag & drop. You can insert 5 slides or 25, it is your choice. Simply do it by using the same setup and templates as explained above.

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