JungleBell | Why is some column data not showing up on notifications?

Issue: Sometimes, when you use the Item Created trigger for alert notifications, some column data is not showing up on the notifications, or the link to the document is wrong and will bring users to a 404 page. Why?

If you are using the “Item Created” event, the alert message is send when the item is saved for the first in SharePoint. In that case those columns are empty in your item (document) or those fields were empty when the alert message was sent.

Later, a user can change properties and the rename file, and your alert message will contain old data.

In case of files, when you upload a new file, it is saved immediately in SharePoint (an alert message is sent), and then the Edit Properties form will appear. Here a user can rename the file or fill-in more properties.

Some tips to solve this issue with JungleBell:

  • You can use the “Item created or modified” event to send an alert each time an item is created or modified
  • You can use filters (views or conditions) to filter “published/approved” documents
  • You can use an “Item Exists” event to send daily reports on new items (View filter: Created equals [Today]).

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