JungleMail | Upgrading to JungleMail 5

New JungleMail 5 Installation

JungleMail for SharePoint is a Farm Solution, therefore it should either be installed on a SharePoint On-Premise server or on a fully controllable SharePoint server in the cloud.   

System requirements

  • SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2016

Installation process

Installation process is the same as in previous JungleMail versions. Read more about JungleMail installation guidelines.

Upgrading to JungleMail 5

Upgrading procedure described in JungleMail Upgrading topic is the same.

Note: Finishing process can run longer due to Processing of Analytical data.

Clear Browser Temporary files and run the JungleMail UI to check installation.

After Upgrading to JungleMail 5 version go to JungleMail License management in Central Administration. The product code changed to "JNML-1605" and JungleMail converted to Trial, as it requires license update. If you have an active Premium Support subscription, please contact us and we will send you the new license key.

Additional steps for JungleMail Enterprise

Enabling SQL Mode for Performance and extensive Analytics

Please refer to this guide to enable and configure SQL Mode for Performance and extensive Analytics.

Configuring Cumulative reports

Please refer to this guide to configure Cumulative Analytics Reports.

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