JungleMail | Changing Subscription Web Part

Adding additional input fields to the Subscription Web Part and changing its appearance

By default in JungleMail for SharePoint the JungleMail Subscription web part has only Email, First Name and Last Name input boxes for new subscribers. To add additional fields, you must create them in the JungleMail Subscribers list and edit Subscription web part.

Adding custom fields to the Subscribers list

1. Open JungleMail Subscribers list:

2. Click “List Settings” in the ribbon:

3. By default you will have the following columns in that list. Click “Create column” to add a new one:

4. Enter the required settings and click OK:

Editing the Web Part appearance

1. Once the column has been created, go to JungleMail Site Collection settings:

2. And click “Customize Subscription Web Part behaviors templates” under “Look and Feel”.

3. In the popup window you will be able to edit subscription web part appearance for new and existing users. Select the template for your required mode from the top dropdown menu, and click “Controls” to see all unused fields from the JungleMail Subscribers list.

You can also edit the Web Part behavior messages templates in this window.

4. Put the cursor where you need the new input field to be, click “Form Fields” and select the required column name to add that field:

5. After alplying changes click „Save and Keep Editing“ to continue editing, or „Save and preview“ to preview the changes. You can always reset the template to default settings by clicking the button:

At this point you have successfully configured JungleMail and can send trackable emails with subscription links.

Note: After you edit web part appearance, you must go to the page where web part is, edit the page, edit the web part and click “Update Look and Feel” for the changes to take immediate effect. If you do not do that, web part will retain previously cached appearance.

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