JungleMail | Using Linked Lists feature

It can be useful to send group emails or newsletters that are filtered by some kind of attribute. For example, if you have a list that contains all of your employees, but you want to filter it on department you can use JungleMail for SharePoint to achieve this. You would do this by linking the 'department' and 'employees' lists.

We call this functionality to link two lists when sending a campaign:  Linked Lists. 

How it works

To use the Linked List feature you will need:

  • A recipient list which contains a column with certain values for each recipient (for example, department, company, country, status, etc.)
  • And another list which contains more information for each of those values.

After you have configured the linked list in “JungleMail Linked Lists” (see example below) you can launch JungleMail from the second list by selecting one or more values. Now it will filter your recipients according to these selected values.


To learn how to use the Linked Lists functionality consider the following example. In this example two lists are used: the first list will be 'Departments' and the second list 'Employees'.

The master list, 'Departments', only contains the names of departments and some other data (like the department's descriptions):

The secondary list, 'Employees', contains all of the employee' data (including departments, job titles, names and email addresses).

Both lists can be managed separately. Neither of them needs to have lookup columns. To use both of them at the same time, you will have to link them in  JungleMail Linked Lists. To do this, navigate to the JungleMail Linked List on your main site collection (the one where JungleMail Core feature is activated). Now add a new item:

Master List URL must contain the list that will be used as a starting point to create JungleMail Jobs. In this example it is the 'Departments' list.

Master Field Name must contain name of the column which holds the required data for filtering. In this example it is the name of the department.

Recipient List URL must contain the list you want to link this list to. In this example that is the list in which the employees (recipients) are stored. In this example this is the 'Employees' list. (Note: Don't use the email column for this, but use a list that contains the email addresses in a plain text column)

Recipient Field Name must contain the Recipient list column that holds the data matching the Master list’s specified column. In this example this is Job Title.

URL’s can have the following formats:

Once you select an item in the Master list and run JungleMail, you will be able to select Linked list as a recipient source and/or a recipients list column:

 JungleMail will now resolve all the recipients from the 'Employees' list that belong to the Department required by you.

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