JungleBell | What are the direct URL's to access the app?

You can directly access the JungleBell app from an URL as well:

To start creating a new empty alert without a specified list url :

http:// your_site_collection_url/_layouts/15/Enova.SP.JungleBell/Portal.aspx?TabPageId=0
To start creating new alert  with a specified list url :
http:// your_site_collection_url/_layouts/15/Enova.SP.JungleBell/Portal.aspx?TabPageId=0&AlertListUrl= list_to_watch_url
If you use the « Alert Manager List Scope « feature, you should select ‘ Show current Site and its Sub Sites alerts’ or  ‘Show current List/Library alerts only’:
Add the url parameters ContextWebUrl= web_url as the second option and ContextListUrl= list_url as the third option. These URL's are used for current context to filter alerts in the Alerts Manager page.
If you want to open « Alerts Manager «  or « Templates Manager « change the TabPageId  parameter to value from  01 or  2.
Please note:  the TabPageId url parameter is mandatory.

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