JungleMail | Job deletion

Sometimes you want to delete a campaign job from your history. In this tutorial you will learn how to do this in JungleMail.

You can easily delete a JungleMail job from the JungleMail Job list.  This means you can remove a job with all its related items in JungleMail History, JungleMail Tracker Links and JungleMail Tracker Actions lists.  After deletion, a deleted job will be moved to SharePoint Recycle Bin and could be restored if required during the Recycle Bin clean up period. Now let's see how a job can be deleted.

1. To delete a JungleMail Group email Job, go to JungleMail Jobs list on a Site Collection's home site. Now select the jobs you want to delete and click the Delete Job button in the ribbon. If you are sure, approve the job/jobs deletion process by clicking the Delete button.

Note: you should have the proper SharePoint permissions on items you are going to delete. You should have delete permissions in the JungleMail jobs list and all related lists such as JungleMail History, JungleMail Tracker links and JungleMail Tracker actions.

We strongly recommend against deleting group email Jobs in the production environment. Especially, if emails and links had tracking functionality enabled.

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