JungleDocs for Office 365 | Updating the app

In this JungleDocs 365 tutorial you will learn how to update the app manually.

JungleDocs 365 is a provider hosted app. It processing service is running in Microsoft Azure Cloud.  So in most of the cases, updates to the processing engine or UI are automatically rolled out by EnovaPoint. However, there might be cases in which you would need to update the app manually through App Catalog or store. These changes include Ribbon buttons updates, the app service URL changes, etc.

To update JungleDocs 365 from the Office 365 Store:

  1. Open AppSource, Microsoft's Office 365 Store
  2. Search for JungleDocs
  3. When in the app's page, click on the UPDATE NOW button and accept the permissions.
  4. The app will now be updated.

To update JungleDocs 365 in your App Catalog manually:

  1. Open Office 365 Admin center
  2. Go to the SharePoint Admin Center: click Admin > SharePoint
  3. Open App catalog
  4. Navigate to "Apps for SharePoint".
  5. Delete existing JungleDocs 365 app
  6. Click site Contents and open Recycle Bin 
  7. Delete the app from the Recycle bin 
  8. Now you will have to also delete the app from the 'second stage recycle bin'. Do this by clicking on the 'second-stage recycle bin'.
  9. Select JungleMail 365 and delete it here too
  10. Upload new app
  11. Update the app in site collections

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