JungleDocs for Office 365 | Using Small Parts

In this tutorial for JungleDocs 365 you will learn:

  • What Small Parts are
  • When to use them
  • How to create a Small Parts library
  • How to use Small Parts to create documents

What are Small Parts?

Small Parts are smaller documents that you can merge together into new and unique documents. 

Things to know about Small Parts:
  • Small Parts include a specific bit of information (product details, company history, introduction)
  • Small Parts are merged together to create new and unique documents
  • They are stored in Small Parts libraries on your SharePoint Online
  • You select Small Parts by checking boxes when running a rule

When to use Small Parts?

For any document that has to be created often - such as invoices, quotes, reports etc. - Small Parts are an easy solution.

You split up texts that you use often for document creation into smaller parts (i.e. Small Parts). Once you have split your data into these smaller parts (separate documents), you can use JungleDocs to select which of these parts you want to use to create a new and unique document. You do this by checking boxes. Keep in mind that you will not be able to select items that are located in sub-folders.

How to create a Small Parts library?

Small Parts are stored in the Small Parts library on your SharePoint Online. You create it in the same way you would create a normal Document Library,

There are no specific requirements for creating a Small Parts library. However, we advise distributing your smaller documents across folders in the library. In this way unnecessary folders will not be shown when running a JungleDocs Rule

Creating a Small Parts library
  1. To create a Small Parts library, first create the Document Library.
  2. You are now going to add an App. Select Document Library to continue.

  3. Name the library Small Parts. Inside of this library you can create folders that will hold your Small Parts. A good way to structure these folders is by documents they contain. (For example: Pricing | Product Information | About Section)
  4. Add documents that contain the Small Parts that you want to use to these folders.
  5. After you have done this you will link your Small Parts library to a certain JungleDocs rule (see next step of this tutorial).

How to use Small Parts to create documents?

There are three steps for creating documents with Small Parts.

1. Add Small Parts to Small Parts library

Scroll up to the previous step for an explanation.

2. Add content controls to a document template

When you add placeholders to a document template JungleDocs will know where to place the Small Parts. Adding Small Parts Content Controls works in the same way you  configure other document templates.

2.1 Open your document template. Via a specific rule, or open a new document.

2.2 Add Rich Text Content Controls in the places you want to insert Small Parts. Use the tag:  Small Part: Folder Name (for example: Small Part: Company).

3. Assign the document template to a JungleDocs rule

4. Assign the Small Parts library to the template.

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