JungleMail | Configuring tracking on external site collection

You might want to use JungleMail on an external site collection. In this case, you will have to deploy JungleMail's Tracker and Subscription web parts on this external site for all of JungleMail's tracking features to work. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this for the Tracking.

This tutorial, for your convenience, is split into two different sections.

1. Deploying JungleMail 
  • Activating the tracking and subscription web parts
2. Tracking configuration
  • Creating a page and adding the JungleMail Tracker web part
  • Configuring JungleMail Tracker web part
  • Entering web part URL in JungleMail Site Collection Settings

Note: When starting this tutorial you should have completed all the necessary configurations for the JungleMail Tracker and/or Subscription feature as described in the Preparing for Tracking and Subscription configuration tutorial.

1. Deploying JungleMail 

Activating the Tracker and Subscription web parts

To set up JungleMail's Tracking and Subscription functionality, you will need to deploy JungleMail solution in the new Web Application.

1. Go to Central Administration and click System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions.  

2. Click on the enova.sp.junglemail.wsp solution.    

3. Click Deploy Solution.  

4. Choose the previously created web application.

5. After deploying JungleMail solution, open site settings on the root web site. Click Site Settings > Site Collection Features and activate the JungleMail Publishing Web Parts feature.

6. Go to Site Settings > EnovaPoint JungleMail Site Collection Settings and enable tracking functionality. It is enabled by default.        

2. Tracking configuration

Creating a page and adding the JungleMail Tracker web part     

1. To start creating a new page, go to Settings and click Add a page

2. Enter the name, e.g., Tracker, and click Create.

3. Start editing the page and add JungleMail Tracker web part to the page that you have created earlier.

Configuring JungleMail Tracker web part

1. Go to the page where you added the web part, start editing the page and click Edit Web Part.

2. Specify the JungleMail Core location (where JungleMail is operating and it system lists are located). In this case, select Other Site Collection and specify the URL of the main site collection where EnovaPoint JungleMail Core feature is activated. You will also need to provide credentials to access this site collection. For the web part to work, you should specify a user which has read access to the site on which JungleMail system lists are located. Test the connection to ensure the user can access site which includes the JungleMail system list. 

Configuration JungleMail 5.5 and up:

1. Create a separate user in Active Directory to access your main SharePoint Collection with JungleMail Core feature activated.  User name could be Domain\jmUser and user account should be a member of  Domain Users group. Speaking of Group Policy, you might want to ensure that your domain service accounts are denied the Log on Locally user right at the very least. This action will prevent a malicious user from succeeding in an interactive login attempt by using a breached service account. 

2. Create New Permission level on a root site level for a newly created account. This will ensure this account will only have access to access JungleMail Service and do not has access to parent lists or libraries of that site collection.  

3. Go to the main site collection root site’s  Site Permissions > Permission Levels. 

4. Click Add a  Permission Level.

5. Check  Open and Use Remote Interfaces boxes and save this custom permission level under an easy-to-understand name, e.g., JungleMailWebPartsPrivileges.

6. On the root site, go to  Site Settings > Site Permissions > Grant Permissions and assign the newly created permission level to the user created in Step 1 ( domain\JMuser).
7. Now you need to assign required permissions for the user in JungleMail built-in lists. All lists are located on JungleMail main site collection root. Assign the following permissions to the user on a list level in the following lists: 
  • JungleMail Subscribers  - View, Add and Edit items permissions
  • JungleMail Topics - Read permission level
  • JungleMail History - Read permission level 
  • JungleMail Tracker Links - Read permission level 
  • JungleMail Tracker Actions - View, Add permissions.  
Note: You should break the permission inheritance or Set Unique permissions for the lists above.

Entering web part URL in JungleMail main Site Collection Settings

This URL will be placed in the email body when sending group emails. 

1. Go to the site collection settings. Click EnovaPoint JungleMail Site Collection Settings. 

2. Enter the URL of the tracker page that you previously created.

Congratulations! You have now successfully set up JungleMail's tracking feature.

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