JungleDocs | Generating reports from multiple lists

You can use JungleDocs to generate reports from multiple views or lists at once. However, you will need to configure the JungleDocs template accordingly.  In this tutorial, you will learn how to do this.

If you run JungleDocs from a list, it will work in the context of that selected list. So in order to retrieve data from other lists, you will have to associate the template with these lists/views. This can be done using the GetView() function.

  1. To use the function, create a table, select one row and add a content control on it by pressing the Rich Text Content Control button in the ribbon:

  2. Then click Properties:

  3. And put the GetView() function in the Tag field of the content control:

    The function should look like this: GetView("List Name";"View Name").

  4. Please note that Microsoft Office 2010 has a 64 character limit for the tag field, so try to use compact view names for this. Office 2013 does not have this limitation.

  5. Now you need to add more content controls that will represent columns from those lists. For example, if you need to create a report for a list of companies, and you want the table to contain company names, addresses and emails of the companies, you'll need to add corresponding content controls inside of GetView content control:

  6. Customize the table the way you want it to be, create more tables with their content controls linking to other lists, and you are ready to create reports from multiple lists!

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