JungleMail 4 | Managing Subscribers in SharePoint

Note: This tutorial applies to JungleMail 4 and earlier only. If you are working with JungleMail 5 this tutorial does not apply to your version of JungleMail.

With JungleMail you could do much more than just send a few emails from SharePoint. You can use it to gather content from your SharePoint lists and generate the email contents. So let’s talk about this case: how to manage your subscribers in SharePoint using newsletters.

There are at least 2 methods to send newsletters to your SharePoint subscribers using JungleMail since the 4.1 version release, and it is up to you to decide how to use them. Ideal scenario would be to use a combination of all available functionality and knowledge for the best result:

Method 1: Using Topics to filter recipients;
Method 2: Using repeater to get relevant content.

Learn more about those methods in our blog post "2 Ways to Manage Subscribers in SharePoint using JungleMail".

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