JungleDocs | Regular view report with repeated section (ReportItems)

JungleDocs' reporting functionality allows you to export multiple items from a list into a Word document. These can be selected items, a view, view with filters, or a whole list. In this tutorial you will learn how to use this reporting functionality.

All you need to do to be able to create reports, is configure the Word template. The key to configuring a report template is the repeated section. It is a table with nested content controls that allow multiple items to be inserted into them. You can find an example of a repeated section in the Sample document.

Note: Repeater Table Content Control should include only one table that should be 1x2 size (1 column, 2 rows) or larger.

  1. To access the sample, run JungleDocs, select the Reports tab, create a new rule or select an existing one, click on the drop-down menu and click "Edit template":

  2. If you need an example of content controls, you can open a sample document. It can be found in rule settings, under "Document template":

  3. At the top of the sample document you will see the repeated section:


  4. You can also create it manually. Create a table with at least two rows, select one row and add a rich text content control:

  5. Then click properties:

  6. And type "ReportItems" into the Tag field:

  7. Now add other content controls inside the "ReportItems" content control, and specify internal column names in the "Tag" field:

  8. Now JungleDocs will copy all selected items’ Titles, Dates and Comments into the table.
    This template is not associated with any list or view, so it can be used to generate reports from any list that has the right internal column names.

Note: A report will not be generated correctly if the internal column names in a list are different from the internal column names specified in the template!

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