JungleDocs | Creating a library with an Excel template

In JungleDocs you can create a library using one of your existing Excel templates. In this tutorial you will learn how to do this.

In order to have a library with an Excel document template, you can add a content type that has an Excel document template assigned to it, or create a library that has an Excel document template.

  1. To create such library, open your site, click settings and Add an app:

  2. Select Document Library:

  3. And click Advanced Options:

  4. In the new window specify library name, other settings and select Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet as the document template:

  5. To start editing the template, navigate to the newly created library, run JungleDocs and you should see one base rule for the "Document" content type.
  6. Click Edit template:
  7. To access sample document, click Edit base rule, and it will be under "Document template":

    Sample document contains content controls for all available columns for the current content type. You can use these controls to automatically fill (mail merge) Basic report’s title, dates and other available metadata.

Note: There are two ways to configure an Excel template: by entering column values as simple text into cells, or by adding a comment.

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