JungleDocs | Creating documents

After JungleDocs rules are configured, you can start creating documents using JungleDocs.

  1. Navigate to the document library where the source document or item is located. The source document is a document from which you are going to create a new document.
  2. Select the source document/item.
  3. Click the JungleDocs ribbon button.

  4. Move the mouse over the JungleDocs rule and either click the name of the rule or click on the dropdown menu for options: 'Create from template' to create a document from an assigned template, 'Copy source' to copy document contents from the source document or 'Upload document' to upload a new document and use it as a template.

    Copy source is only available when running JungleDocs in a document library and a document is selected. This can be useful if you need to use an already customized document instead of a template.

    Note: Check the 'Navigate to target list after creation' checkbox and you will be redirected to the document library where the new document is located. Check the 'Open after creation' checkbox and the new document will be opened in an editing program.
  5. If the document has small parts configured for it, Small Part selection dialog in a new window will appear. Select the required small parts by clicking their checkboxes and click OK.

  6. The document properties editing dialog window for the newly created document will appear.

    Note that a new filename has been generated and date columns have been calculated according to the JungleDocs rule. Most column values have been copied so that there is no need to copy-paste this information. Only the data specific to this particular document has to be entered. Once you have reviewed the information, click 'Save. 

  7. The new document has been created.

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