JungleBell | Selecting alert content from another list

In JungleBell you have the freedom to select what recipients of Alerts will be send on their email. In this tutorial you will learn how you can select the content for your alerts in JungleBell.

We will discuss a few steps which you will come across when selecting your alert content. The main features you can use while selecting alert content are:

  1. Templates
  2. Insert attachments or documents
  3. Columns
  4. Repeater

1. Templates

There are a few default templates you can choose from when selecting your Alert content. However, you should customize them before you can use them in your system.

1. To select an existing template, go to the alert Content tab and click on the Template drop down menu.

2. Select a template that suits your preferences. Default templates will be displayed according to the selected trigger. 

2. Insert attachments or document

You can also select if you want JungleBell to send attachments together with the alert. If you check Insert attachments or document, JungleBell will attach documents if the alert is configured in a document library and item attachments if items for which alerts are created have attachments.

3. Columns

After you decide to use a template or create new content, you can add columns from the list. Columns must be specified inside {[ColumnName]} brackets. It is recommended to use internal column names. You can also click Columns in the text editor ribbon to see all available columns:

4. Repeater

You can also add a repeating section. If you plan on scheduling this alert to be sent at specific times you can combine all events that occur in between those times. Select the part than needs to be repeated and click Repeater.

If you choose Combine section the marked part will be outlined with a red dotted line:

You can also define Repeating section in the HTML code of the alert message. You only need to add class="JungleBell_RepeatingSection" as an inline property of the element you need to be repeated.

This means that if multiple events occur before alert is scheduled to be sent, only the part of alert that is inside the Repeating section will be unique for every event. All other remaining layout will stay the same and will not be repeated:

In this case of this example, only the Tasks list item content was repeated.

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