JungleBell | Scheduling alerts

With JungleBell you can choose when to send alerts. In this way you have the option to have alerts be send immediately after an event occurs, or accumulated over a period of time and send at once at a scheduled time; once an hour, day or month. In this tutorial you will learn learn how to schedule your new and existing alerts.

1. To get started simply create a new alert or open an existing alert.

2. After you have set your alert conditions you can set when it should send.

Note: If you want to set up a recurrent reminder (for example, on approaching date) use the Hourly, Daily or Monthly options.

3. If you want your alert to run for a limited time, you have the option to have it expire on a certain time and date.

4. You will also get the option combine alerts. In this way you can bundle a number of alerts that you will then received, for example, once a day, week or month.

Note: This option will only be available if you choose to send alerts at specific times.

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