JungleBell | Adding custom From and Reply-to addresses

By default, JungleBell will use the email address of the user that is creating a job as the From and Reply-to addresses. You can, however, change these in JungleBell's settings. In this tutorial you will learn how to do this.

To change the From and Reply-to address and enter additional addresses for users to choose from you will need to follow the following steps. The new addresses that you will configure will be available for users who have sufficient rights on the JungleBell From Addresses and JungleBell Reply-to Addresses lists.

Note: The minimum requirement for a user to use the address is a “View” permission. If users cannot view the list contents, they will not be able to use the addresses.

Now let's get started with setting up the custom addresses.

  1. To add a new “From” address for JungleMail, open the top site of the site collection where JungleMail is activated. Locate the JungleMail From Addresses list in all site content and open the list. Once you are there, click “Add new item”.

  2. You will notice that the list only has a “Title” column so you will have to enter addresses in the following format:
    FirstName LastName <E-mail Address>

  3. Now you will be able to select your newly added email address in the Send/Schedule tab.

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